German tourist Simone Strobel disappears mysteriously

Story Published: 14 Feb 2005

SIMONE Strobel, a beautiful young German tourist, has mysteriously disappeared in Lismore.

Missing Persons Murder Simone Strobel

Simone Strobel vanished after lovers' tiff with boyfriend

Story Published: 15 Feb 2005

A MINOR dispute between young lovers has sparked a nightmare for a tight-knit group of German backpackers.

Missing Persons Murder Simone Strobel

Tobias fears for girlfriend Simone, missing in Lismore

Story Published: 16 Feb 2005

THE disappearance of German tourist Simone Strobel is tearing her boyfriend apart.

Missing Persons Murder Simone Strobel

Still now sign of missing backpacker

Story Published: 17 Feb 2005

THEIR GRIEF over missing German tourist Simone Strobel echoes across the Lismore Tourist Caravan Park in Dawson Street.

Body may be missing German backpacker

Story Published: 18 Feb 2005

SIMONE STROBEL'S body may have lain undiscovered for six days while traffic and pedestrians streamed past in the heart of...


Story Published: 19 Feb 2005

THE scene was set for a murder hunt yesterday with police suspicions hardening over the discovery of a concealed body.

Simone's boyfriend lashes out at police after body found

Story Published: 19 Feb 2005

FROM the depths of his grief, Tobias Suckfuell has accused police of not taking him seriously when he reported his...

Missing Persons Murder Simone Strobel

Lismore embraces Simone Strobel's grieving brother

Story Published: 21 Feb 2005

ALEXANDER STROBEL let his tears flow as he knelt by the place where he believes his sister Simone was murdered, right in...

Murder Simone Strobel

Police still can't name victim

Story Published: 21 Feb 2005

SUPERINTENDENT Bruce Lyons has reassured the Northern Rivers community that police are throwing their full resources behind...

Simone's murder probably done on spur of moment, expert says

Story Published: 21 Feb 2005

THE sort of person who might have killed Simone Strobel could have been in a delusional state and projecting his fantasies...

Murder Simone Strobel

Police confirm body is German backpacker

Story Published: 22 Feb 2005

POLICE yesterday confirmed the body discovered in the Lismore CBD last Thursday was that of missing German backpacker...

Does this man know about Simone Strobel?

Story Published: 23 Feb 2005

THE Comfit image on our front page could be the man who knows what happened to Simone Strobel.

Police get fresh leads on Simone

Story Published: 24 Feb 2005

DETECTIVES have received more than 30 calls from members of the public following the release of a Comfit image by police...

Police scour rubbish tip for clues

Story Published: 25 Feb 2005

Clues to the death of Simone Strobel may lie under 500 tonnes of garbage at the Lismore tip.

Outpouring of grief as Simone mourned

Story Published: 25 Feb 2005

United in their grief, the family and friends of Simone Strobel came to her roadside memorial yesterday to pay their...

Coroner refuses to release post-mortem results

Story Published: 26 Feb 2005

Two weeks after Simone Strobel's death in Lismore CBD, the Northern Rivers community is no closer to finding out whether or...

Air fare raised for Tobias

Story Published: 28 Feb 2005

LISMORE Cr Jenny Dowell and travel agent, Fay Hopf, are thrilled with the response of the Northern Rivers community to...

Counselling may help heal the community

Story Published: 28 Feb 2005

WHEN the whole community grieves, the whole community needs healing, said Lismore family relationships worker Chris...


Story Published: 1 Mar 2005

SIMONE Strobel's family will fly her body home to Wuerzburg in Germany today still not knowing if she was murdered. Police...

Simone memorial proposed

Story Published: 4 Mar 2005

A home-made corrugated iron heart sits above flowers and photos as the most rigid reminder of Simone Strobel's death in...


Story Published: 5 Mar 2005

AT THE end of a late waitressing shift, Holli Clifford folds her apron and collects her bag, but she doesn't leave a...

Simone laid to rest in Germany

Story Published: 9 Mar 2005

THE TEARS and the snow were falling heavily when Simone Strobel was finally laid to rest last Saturday.

Simone memorial motion withdrawn

Story Published: 10 Mar 2005

A PROPOSAL to name a section of parkland after Simone Strobel has been withdrawn by Lismore City councillor Ros Irwin.

Simone: Mystery still

Story Published: 12 Mar 2005

POLICE are keeping an open mind about the cause of German tourist Simone Strobel's death, a media spokesman said last...

Why it?s taking so long to say how Simone died

Story Published: 15 Mar 2005

LISMORE Coroner Michael Knock has asked the NSW Coroner to intervene and speed up the release of post-mortem findings on...

Tourist raped on Byron beach

Story Published: 17 Mar 2005

A 19-YEAR-OLD English tourist was raped at Clarks Beach, Byron Bay, yesterday, sparking safety fears for travellers to the...


Story Published: 19 Mar 2005


Brutal sex attack

Story Published: 21 Mar 2005

A young woman was chased by a man across a Lismore sports field, caught and then allegedly sexually assaulted in the early...

Rape scene residents demand more security

Story Published: 22 Mar 2005

THE SEXUAL assault of a 19year-old Lismore woman at Mortimer Oval has left residents of nearby streets calling for more...

Simone's family thank Northern Rivers

Story Published: 30 Mar 2005

SIMONE Strobel's German family have written to the people of the Northern Rivers to thank them for the love and concern...

Police follow fresh leads over Simone

Story Published: 1 Apr 2005

Lismore police revealed yesterday a number of possible suspects have been interviewed over the death of German tourist...

Appeal for witnesses in Strobel case

Story Published: 5 Apr 2005

FOR TWENTY hours police manned a roadside stall last Friday and Saturday, hoping to draw forward witnesses in the Simone...

Simone Strobel inquest likely

Story Published: 3 May 2005

A CORONIAL inquest into the death of German tourist Simone Strobel appears likely after Lismore Coroner Michael Knock...

Killing ground gets care and kindness

Story Published: 10 Jun 2005

JO SIMEONI mowed the lawns at Lismore's Continental Club yesterday, unaware police had confirmed that Simone Strobel was...

Simone remains as a guardian spirit

Story Published: 11 Jun 2005

SIMONE STROBEL'S devout Christian family believes her spirit will forever be in Lismore, protecting other travellers from...

Simone: Long list of suspects

Story Published: 21 Jun 2005

TOBIAS SUCKFULL is only one of a long list of suspects in the killing of German tourist Simone Strobel, Lismore police said...


Story Published: 27 Jul 2005

A HOMICIDE Squad detective has flown to Germany to confer with prosecutors over the mysterious death in Lismore of tourist...

Germany may call Simone witnesses

Story Published: 29 Jul 2005

WITNESSES from Lismore, Nimbin and Byron Bay could be asked to go to Germany if authorities there charge Tobias Suckfuell...

German police on their way

Story Published: 23 Aug 2005

THE German prosecutor and police investigating the death of German tourist Simone Strobel are coming to Lismore.

German police cutting it fine

Story Published: 16 Sep 2005

The window of opportunity for German police investigating the Simone Strobel death case to visit Lismore is fast closing...

Lismore man tells of city knife attack

Story Published: 26 Sep 2005

RAY GERMAN considers himself lucky to be alive after being stabbed in the back and robbed in Lismore's central business...


Story Published: 27 Sep 2005


Extra police patrols for trouble spot

Story Published: 29 Sep 2005

LISMORE police will boost indefinitely the number of patrols around the scene of a stabbing at the weekend in an effort to...

German police to visit murder site

Story Published: 27 Oct 2005

GERMAN investigators into the Simone Strobel death case will arrive in Lismore in early December, local police say.


Story Published: 10 Dec 2005

Police fly in to investigate German backpacker's death; Lismore coroner calls for public inquest


Story Published: 13 Dec 2005

IN A shock revelation, German investigators into the death of Simone Strobel have said the German tourist's three...


Story Published: 14 Dec 2005

LISMORE police took extraordinary security measures yesterday to shield the German police who are in Lismore investigating...

Tobias ?not prime suspect

Story Published: 17 Dec 2005

German lawyer sends fax to Star TOBIAS SUCKFUELL was not a prime suspect 'at the moment' over the death of Simone Strobel...

Simone EXACTLY one year on

Story Published: 11 Feb 2006

Simone EXACTLY one year since 25-year-old German woman Simone Strobel was murdered in central Lismore, detectives continue...