Take a Fresh Look at The Northern Star

What is new?


The Northern Star has launched a new clean, simple, elegant design that we hope will engage with readers and entice them to take a fresh look at the newspaper.

Coupled with this, our reporters and designers will employ all the elements of visual journalism, recognising that people are “time poor” these days and welcome a complex story broken into bite size pieces of information.

You will see many different entry points into stories whether you have a few moments to skim pages or you have all morning to have a detailed read.


We have exciting new sections covering off our core readership with –


Monday:          Village Life:                             Focuses on the idyllic villages

                                                of the Northern Rivers


Tuesday:          Forever Young:                        A page for seniors still actively

                                    involved in the community


Wednesday:    Wellbeing:                               Alternative therapy, relaxation, and

indulgence special to get you through

the week


Thursday:        Pulse and Uni Life:                  News and social happenings at Southern

Cross University


Friday:                         Getting Out:                     Columns containing fishing boating and

surfing weekend weather and tides


Saturday:         Road Test:                               Reviews of local tourist spots & activities

We are also giving readers a chance to win $50 a day for 40 weeks, this jackpots each day if the money is unclaimed at 5pm each day.


Finders Keepers – A cardboard $50 note will be placed in one of the papers each day find it and you win. Grab the paper to find out more details and how much money is on offer each day   


Take a Fresh Look at the Star