July 2020

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October 2017

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A SUDDEN cancellation to a Bundaberg to Brisbane flight has left passengers out of pocket and forced on to a bus for more than four hours.

Qantas replaces flight with bus, refuses refunds

"We were in Brisbane Monday afternoon. Grateful Qantas gave us accommodation Monday night. But told us..."

April 2014

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TALK about mixed messages.

Debt crisis spin and MP pay hikes don't mix well

"I see the treasurer has replied to this but does not address the pollie pay rates!!!!!!! Its a pity..."

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AT ALMOST $15,000 per person, Queensland’s per capita debt is the largest of all Australian states.

Tim Nicholls responds to Strong Choices critics

"Treasurer I have no problem with you are doing except on one point. What about the big pay rises you..."

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