July 2018

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"IF THIS dumping has been carried out as a profit-making scheme it is a bitter pill for ratepayers and motorist to swallow.”

150 tyres dumped in suspected 'profit-making' scheme

"This is why the council needs to give an incentive by offering free disposal of such waste. Charging..."

March 2018

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IT IS likely to join the list of dead festivals in Ballina

The Prawn Festival is cooked

"It was the price. As soon as I was told there was an entry fee, I didn't show up."

February 2018

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CannaNannaS are coming to the region

'I cured cancer. I can't be quiet': Woman claims

"If it's not going to make money for the pharmaceutical companies, then the Doctors (affiliates) are not..."

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BALLINA Greens MP Tamara Smith has called for a halt to the highway upgrade. But is her request disrespectful to those whose loved ones have been killed?

Koala deaths are sad, but we must save human lives: OPINION

"Well said. I totally agree 100%"

January 2018

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WANT to know what's happening in your patch on Australia Day?

WHAT'S ON: Australia Day events around the Northern Rivers

"We need a pie eating contest."

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"I DON'T understand what we are doing wrong and my excitement at joining a new community has evaporated".

Rental crisis forces family of five to live in caravan

"Try 20 times and you might be in luck. 5 times, that's nothing. Best practice, have your foot already..."

November 2017

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A MUM who ripped off nearly $40,000 from Centrelink in an ongoing fraud has swapped her family home for a jail cell.

Centrelink fraudster and mother-of-two lands in prison

"Well Said"

September 2017

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AUSTRALIA has three different types of accents? But they still don’t help you identify where somebody is from and instead tells you something else.

Why some Aussies sound ‘bogan’

"Well said"

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A GOONELLABAH mum said she was worried for the safety her four children after a five-car crash on the Bruxner Highway this morning.

'I heard a loud crash and thought a car hit the house'

"I highly agree."

August 2017

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Several attackers have been shot dead in a clash with police during an incident involving a second van in the Spanish seaside town of Cambrils

Barcelona attack: Four shot dead wearing 'suicide belts'

"Well said. I believe there will be a day the world or at least the western countries will band this..."

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