January 2020

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Researchers have found that climate threats and habitat destruction are pushing platypuses towards extinction.

Platypus on the ‘brink of extinction’

"Well, no actually. I blame the deniers for holding us back from doing anything about it."

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Prince Harry has delivered a brutally honest speech about his decision to quit the royal family at a London charity dinner.

Prince Harry delivers brutally honest speech on Megxit

"Well you obviously cared enough to read the article and give your penny's worth."

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Bunnings Warehouse has defended the seemingly high cost of its 1000L water containers.

Is Bunnings trying to cash in on our water crisis?

"So do I but my tap is connected to a rainwater tank. If it goes empty I either wait a few months for a..."

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As tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets across Australia calling for Scott Morrison’s sacking, the world echoed the fight.

‘Tragic’: World reacts to Aussie protests

"Yes, I'm astounded at the number of people without common sense who continue to deny climate change..."

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A repentant man has “sincerely” apologised on live television after starting an out-of-control fire still threatening homes in Perth’s south.

Man’s on-air apology for starting fire

"No, BB321, climate change is not destroying wheel bearings. But it makes the land drier and hotter so..."

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Scott Morrison has been grilled on his response to devastating bushfires. But the Prime Minister hit back at one suggestion.

‘It hasn't been your finest week’: PM grilled

"Good point, Wildfrog. The 1.3% is out the window for last year by half. Australia's bushfires have..."

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Former Liberal leadership contender Julie Bishop popped up on Today this morning. She had a blunt message for bushfire-ravaged Australia.

‘Show leadership’: Julie Bishop’s blunt message on climate

"Hear, hear, Robert, bravo! Every little bit helps and it all adds up to a considerable..."

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Dramatic footage shows former prime minister Tony Abbott running into a burning house to save homes during the NSW south coast’s horrific bushfires.

Abbott’s heroic rescue during bushfires

"Abbott is a man who orchestrates him being noticed in max. fire fighting clobber after stoking them in..."

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