Youths play chicken with traffic

YOUTHS are still risking their lives by playing chicken with traffic on the Pacific Highway in Ballina – even lying down in front of oncoming trucks.

One resident fears that someone is going to get killed in the dangerous practice of running in front of oncoming traffic in Kerr Street, then getting out of the way at the last minute.

The resident, who doesn’t want to be identified for fear of repercussions, last Thursday night was startled in their home when yells were heard coming from the street outside.

“That’s when I went out and saw that a youth was playing chicken with the cars,” the resident said.

“Someone is going to get hurt. Just watching it, it’s horrifying.”

The incident was reported to police who attended the scene, but the youth had taken off.

However, the sight of the police wasn’t enough to deter the youth.

“The police wouldn’t have been back at the station and the youth was out there again,” the resident said.

“And that’s when a truck had to brake and swerve.”

The resident said they saw the youth lying down on the road.

They said the heavy vehicle had to stop that quickly it caused the trailer to shudder and start to jack-knife.

Another truck travelling in the opposite direction saw the incident and pulled over.

The resident said they then saw both drivers on the phone, and the police returned to the scene.

The resident said the driver of any vehicle could be traumatised for life if they were to hit and kill someone playing chicken on the road.

“The driver of a car or truck, they’ve got to live with it,” the resident said.

The Northern Star’s sister newspaper, the Ballina Advocate, reported the problem of youth playing chicken with trucks last year, saying it been happening for years.

Truckies often don’t report the incidents as they have to continue on their journey, and the youths generally take off very quickly.

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