Your say: We don't care if Aldi kills Coles, Woolies

READERS of The Northern Star have scoffed at entrepreneur Dick Smith's comments that foreign supermarket giant Aldi could kill off the traditional Coles, Woolworths and IGA supermarkets.

On The Northern Star's Facebook page, the majority of commenters practically laughed at the claims - not because they didn't believe them, but because they simply don't care.

"Good, they are all overpriced anyway, their own greed is what has slowly killed them, increasing prices to a point where we now choose Aldi. Hope other businesses will learn from this," Jayboy Smith said.

"Oh no! Aldi is killing Coles and Woolworths, what like they did to small local businesses. What goes around comes around," John Sheean said.

"Good. Kill off Coles and woollies. Their world domination needs to end," Annika Elin said.

"That's good as we and the farmers are getting ripped off every day so about time they suffered," Tony Den said.

"I don't find Aldi to be all that much cheaper than the others," Lisa Evens said.

"Aldi is good it's the other supermarkets that are slowly killing themselves by price hiking major everyday items," Shane Leadbeatter said.

"If Aldi can afford to have lower prices than the bigger brand names should absolutely be able to afford to drop their prices. It's not Aldi's fault they are greedy. In today's age, average people don't have a lot of money. So if you can feed your family for half the price, why wouldn't you," Cara Watson said.

"I wish there was a place where our local farmers could sell their produce directly to people. I would shop there for sure. But as it stands a lot would love to support them more but when you go through 14+ litres of milk a week. I cannot afford to buy local milk and that is just one example," Leeanne Murphy said.

"Who cares, when Woolies and Coles have removed every last halal certified product from their shelves, then I might care about them going broke. Until then, I don't care!" Steve Wood said.

"Well Dick Smith, all these other Supermarkets are also overseas owned, one of them, Woolworth, sent your store Dick Smith to the wall as well as Masters, too greedy," Margaret Chaffey said.

"Learn, adapt or fail," Tony Martin said.

However, some commenters were concerned about what Aldi "killing" Woolworths and Coles could mean for local people.

"Loving the competition that has been created since Aldi came to Australia, however what happens if Aldi does crush the major supermarkets? They will then have the power to charge whatever they want and this may or may not be in the consumers favour," Sara Simmons said.

"Coles and Woolworths struggle to compete due to the wage costs. Aldi have no staff, kinda roll out the pallet and one person on the counter serves you. Great for cheaper prices. The only way for Coles and Woolies to compete would be to offer the smaller range in much less of a footprint. Unfortunately that would mean 1000s of job cuts. So be careful for what you wish for," Ricky Martin said.

"I find all what I need all between Woolies, Coles and IGA and I can guarantee I pay lower price for the known brands every time than at Aldi," Tanya Lee said.

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