Your say: 'Stop the silencing' of buskers

LOCAL residents have responded to the news that Lismore City Council will be enforcing tougher restrictions on buskers in an attempt to rid street performers who are too loud, repetitive or downright offensive.

It was revealed yesterday that, heeding submissions from frustrated CBD business owners, a bad busker database will be kept by council, and if a busker has too many complaints against them, their license will not be renewed.

Over on The Northern Star's Facebook page, locals shared their opinion - and the majority are not happy.

While some, such as Elizabeth Rose Leeson and Gloria McPherson agreed that buskers should have to audition, others were appalled at the suggestion.

"And who would judge whether they are 'talented' enough to perform huh? Stupid idea," Jayboy Smith said.

"And who is going to decide who has talent and who has not? A pencil pusher on the council," Marcus Dorsman said.

"Oh my god. Now they are even trying to take this away from people. I know a lady that busks in Lismore, no she's not particularly good, and she probably wouldn't pass a lot of your 'tests' but the money she makes busking she buys lunch and dinner for herself AND with the leftover money (she always makes sure to have a little) she goes to the other buskers and gives it to them. But oh no how dare she insult your ears for 5-10 minutes maybe even half an hour just so she can eat. I'm so disappointed Lismore. Stop the silencing," Raven Faefalls said.

"Often the 'talent' is not the musicianship but the fact they the buskers put themselves out there, performing, offering a piece of themselves. You want polished - go to Byron bay, you want heart - then Lismore," Heidi Bower said.

"And if they are denied being able to busk they are going to standing in the streets a begging for money. Lismore is terrible for trying to get a job, let them earn money. Give them some self-respect and pride. Trying to earn money the honest way!" Harley Nelson said.

"I once saw a busker air guitaring on a piece of 2 x 4 - didn't make a sound, most memorable busker yet - how do you audition that?" John Madden said.

"It's often a place for them to practice in front of an audience," John Sheean said.

"At least they're giving it a go, instead of just waiting for welfare money to go straight into their accounts," Emma Betterridge said.

"Just leave it as it is. I don't busk because, zero talent = zero $$. If someone's hopeless, let them waste their time for no money if they want. Unless its bagpipe or the recorder," Jools Rainynot said.

"Most of the buskers in Lismore are quite good," Troy Hawke said.

"Last night in Byron Bay I enjoyed music from a fantastic busker - obviously Lismore does not want to attract that kind of extra revenue - I'll keep taking my money somewhere else," Javier Encalada Querat said.

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