Your say: Gayle’s moves “cringeworthy” but “nothing wrong”

READERS of The Northern Star are divided on the issue of Big Bash cricketer Chris Gayle hitting on Channel 10 sports reporter Mel McLaughlin while live on television.

We asked our readers on The Northern Star's Facebook page what they thought about the situation: whether it was just a bit of fun, sexual harassment, or something else entirely.

Some described the encounter, which resulted in Cricket Australia handing Gayle a $10,000 fine, as "cringeworthy".

"Chris Gayle come across as a bimbo. Dumb and inappropriate," Matt Danks said.

"Out of line!" Robyn Spearpoint Shannon said.

"Cringe worthy, but move on please, Mel has accepted his apology and she wants to move on so why can't we, it is a TV show the Big Bash so move on," Margaret Chaffey said.

The interview in question.
The interview in question.

"As a professional sportsman he should have known better than play games on camera but if he's single it's very courageous she could have shut him down and embarrassed him on public TV - No harm done," Josh Cleary said.

However others said they believed there was nothing wrong with the way Chris Gayle acted.

"Tim Cahill went straight in and kissed her 3 years back, nothing much said then definitely wasn't fined...." Donald Williams said.

"Nothing wrong with it," Emily Stone said.

"I don't see the problem at all and I think it's outrageous that he was fined," Lianne Penfold said.

"Hello nothing wrong with that guys," Craig Murphy said.

"Girls watch The Notebook and think that Noah literally STALKING Allie and pressuring her into a date is "romantic". But if it's an ethnic man and a white woman and it's on television, it's a fineable offence.

"Pick one girls - a man who goes for what he wants, or a man who waits for a girl to come to him? You can't have it both ways.

"Good on the guy for being bold and doing it the old fashioned way 'hey I think your cute let's have a drink' as opposed to 'Netflix and chill?'. I think I know which I'd prefer!"

"Anyone that gets offended by what and how he said that needs to take something more than Valium, he was laughing the whole time and having a bit of fun," Tony Den said.

"That reporter needs demoting back to microphone battery changer if she was offended get real and sack her for not being able to roll with situations.

"She could have joined in the fun and said something like 'your shout all night mate' but nah blow it all out of proportion."

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