The damage done to the fence of the Jarjum Centre in Lismore.
The damage done to the fence of the Jarjum Centre in Lismore. Contributed

LETTER: Fish pond thieves and fence fiends.

AFTER a stressful year at our preschool, the children, families and staff completed the school term on a positive note.

We celebrated the accomplishments of the children at our annual graduation and Christmas party, where we had a great turnout from families.

Our staff completed the year with a meeting where we set goals, and talked about our vision for all that we want to accomplish before our annual break.

Sunday morning a friend sent me a text to let me know that Jarjum Centre's fence had been damaged.

Upon arrival I was disgusted and deeply annoyed at the sight of two large colour bond sections of our fence ripped down.

However, I was grateful that this vandalism occurred in the school holidays because if the school term was in place, children would not be able to play outside.

Instead, the children would have to stay inside our already cramped facilities, as this fence is the barrier between the playground and a busy road.

So to the person who did this, I hope you feel proud of yourself.

Know this, that instead of buying more resources for the children that deserve them and need them, we are instead tapping into their money to fix the fence that you ripped own in your drunken state.

Instead of punching and kicking down Jarjum's fence that we had to replace last year, how about you find some other way such as men's groups or boxing classes?

If it is respect you are after, it does not come in the form of vandalism, violence, aggression, and intimidation, but rather in being honest about your mistakes and being willing to set them right.

What sort of person do you want to be? Take the first step, man up and come and see us to make this right.

And while we are at it, to the person who stole our fishpond that we bought for the children may your conscious be strong every time you see our fishpond in your yard.

Who steals a fish pond? This was a special purchase for our children to encourage understanding of their environment and lifecycles.

These incidents add up financially and emotionally. So to the person/ people who like to take from some of our communities most disadvantaged, how about giving back?

Jarjum Centre Staff


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