WHO knew a simple boiled egg could have a huge impact?

In this case watching as an egg gets sucked into a beaker due to air molecules being made to contract from liquid nitrogen.

Yesterday Year 8 students from The Rivers Secondary College, Lismore High Campus had the opportunity to see exciting, explosive science experiments, including the crowd-favourite "egg in flask trick".


Lismore High School science teacher William Zsigmond led the "science show" and said the project-based learning offered students a series of exciting, stimulating demonstration experiments in an outdoor classroom area.

"We focused on elements, chemical reactions and collision theory," he said.

"The science experiments were part of the science topic the students are currently studying called 'small, smaller, smallest'."


Students had the opportunity to watch liquid nitrogen demonstrations such as sliding boiled eggs into beakers, frying eggs with no heat, shrinking balloons, sampling frozen marshmallows and frozen water bombs, as well as the classic experiments such as elephants toothpaste and mentos in coke.

Mr Zsigmond said while the experiments were fun to watch, he said the science show had a deeper goal in mind, to capture the students' minds and perhaps create an interest in science.

He said while some students had seen a number of the experiments previously, he said the "egg in flask" trick had caught many of them by surprise.

"We put a hard-boiled egg onto a flask and pour liquid nitrogen around the flask," he said.

"What it does is make the air molecules and atoms in the flask to contract, causing the egg to be sucked into the flask.

"It's very exciting for the kids to be able to watch and wait for it to pop down into the flask."

Mr Zsigmond said the experiments help students learn critical thinking, collaboration and creativity and innovation skills.

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