Young women look up to Toowoomba heroine

HEROINES come in many different guises and Toowoomba's heroine is a young woman who climbs mountains.

Australia's largest independent women's website Mamamia named Alyssa Azar as one of five incredible women who inspire young people to chase their dreams.

She is described as someone who is living proof that with determination and devotion to your goals, you can reach incredible new heights.

Ms Azar's biggest achievement is scaling Mt Everest in May last year.

TRU0109 P26 Alyssa Azar
TRU0109 P26 Alyssa Azar

At 19 years old she became the youngest Australian to reach the summit of the mountain on her third attempt.

Since her return she has been given the keys to the city, released a book and announced her plans to complete the Seven Summits Challenge.

While the exact make-up of the seven summits is unclear, different definitions used by different mountaineers stem from where one continent starts and another ends.

The seven summits generally include Carstensz Pyramid, Indonesia, Vinson, Antarctica, Elbrus, Europe, Kilimanjaro, Africa, Denali, North America, Aconcagua, South America and Everest, Asia.

Other women on the list include Ironwoman Turia Pitt, foster carer Ajda Turkay, cardiothoracic surgeon Nikki Stamp and paralympic legend Jess Gallagher.

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