WATCH: Star Wars characters 'got da moves'

UNIVERSITY students got into the spirit of Star Wars Day with a special barbecue event held at the Southern Cross University Lismore campus at lunch time.

Star Wars Day, or May the 4th be with you, is celebrated around the world.

SCU Student association LEXSA president, Jessica Branco, said there were a lot of young fans of the franchise.

"I think it's that battle of good versus evil ... and it's about overcoming adversity. They're timeless concepts," she said.

Students Anita Loneragan and Corey Middleton thought up the idea to celebrate on campus.

"With the Force Awakens (latest Star Wars movie) coming out last year and May the 4th happening, I thought we should celebrate," Ms Loneragan said.

"It lined up perfectly with our weekly barbecue day and I knew there would be fans on our Lismore campus."


Ms Branco said she was a Star Wars fan.

"I'll be watching the movies tonight," she said.

"I started last week watching from the beginning, and tonight I'm watching number four.

"I think Return of the Jedi is my favourite movie but I really do like the new one."

During the Star Wars Barbecue there was live music playing and opportunities for students to battle with lightsabers.

A storm trooper, TIE fighter pilot and snow trooper attended as well, balancing their duties to detain rebel forces and pose for photos with fans.

"With their masks they are a bit intimidating because you can't see any emotion," Ms Branco said.

She said there were plans for a bigger event next year.

"We want to plan it in advance to get a lot more people involved," Ms Branco said.

"We're thinking of making it a full day event as well as a twilight cinema."

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