LOGAN Wilson experienced a milestone in his young adult life yesterday.

After three years of job hunting, the 21-year-old did his first job interview.

Getting the job -a straightforward role rounding up trolleys at Lismore Square - would mark the end of a long and arduous journey to employment.

It wasn't meant to be this hard.

Logan's drought of job options began when he was unable to complete Year 12 in 2012 due to a combination of family and personal reasons.

A series of administrative 'stuff ups' relating to his catch-up and further study hampered his ability to get job ready, and he found himself floundering without any firm prospects.

"I hand out my resumes constantly around town... and not even once since I left school have I had someone call me up and say 'we're interested in talking to you'," he said.

"If someone has a job out there I'll do it, it doesn't matter what it is.

"I want to do something. Because at the moment I have no job experience - nothing.

"That's why I hope this works out."

Fortunately throughout his journey, Logan has remained upbeat and willing to put one foot in front of the other.

"The idea of being unemployed annoys me," Logan said, "but I don't get upset over things at all really," he said.

"Good things will happen."

For the last two months he has been doing work-for-the-dole at Sort, the Lismore recycling centre which refurbished old computers and electronics.

He has enjoyed the free reign given to him to diagnose problems with the old computers and find solutions - but admits nothing compares to a proper job and real money.

"Not being able to have any income does put a strain on how you're going to survive," he said.

Logan has worked with two Jobs Services Australia providers in Lismore tasked to help him get work-ready, Envite Employment and subsequently ETC (Enterprise and Training Company) a local jobactive provider.

ETC has recently been awarded the contract for a new Federally funded program called Transition to Work, developed to support young people aged 15-21 on their journey to employment.

In the program young people will receive intensive, pre-employment support to improve their work readiness and to help them into work or education, including apprenticeships and traineeships.

The hope is it can assist young people gain the skills and confidence they need to get into the workforce quickly and smoothly.

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