This image of vanpackers in the Byron cemetery was posted on Facebook by Lisa Brown.Photo Contributed
This image of vanpackers in the Byron cemetery was posted on Facebook by Lisa Brown.Photo Contributed Contributed

Would you camp in a cemetery? These Byron vanpackers would

WOULD you camp in a cemetery?

Apparently these vanpackers in Byron Shire would.

This photo was posted in the Voice of Byron Facebook group by Lisa Brown who wrote next to a dismayed emoticon: "Not even the Cemetery is safe. It's not the first time I've seen campers out there."

Other Facebookers sounded off on the vanpackers in the comments.

Muzz Sinclair wrote: "(They are) like rats and we are being infested with them, god only knows what they get up to out there. I know one thing if any damage is done to gravesites or headstones of my family they'd better start digging their own, after last w/ends episode's around town it starts to make you wonder.

"I also wonder about the NSW police department and do they know what is happening in these small towns and why nothing is getting done to stop all this sh*t, and why are laws when broken are being let go, makes you wonder who is looking after our welfare."

"It's all about respect. But then I don't think there's much of that anymore, so we sit back say nothing, do nothing and let them come and do as they please and we leave it all up to those who think it's cool, yea why not go ahead."

Debby Milgate said: "It's just one today (and maybe this one van on its own is not going to use the roadside as a toilet, but there are certainly NO facilities nearby) - that's how it started in the Rails - word spreads quickly about the free sites and you can be sure that in a few weeks, this will be the next camp ground and the rubbish will surely follow.

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"I'd LOVE to be proven wrong, but have been here too long to see it any other way. It's not the parking of the van I have an issue with (some do) it really is the rubbish and being too lazy to find a public toilet."

Glenn Sanders, however, had a different opinion: "Yeah gee, those guys are really going out of there way to hurt people! Makes you wonder why they bother to travel at all! Ah no wait... No, not really doing much harm there... Dang it! Looks like they are trying to enjoy there holiday without being too intrusive. Bastards!"

"We are talking about human beings. I can't speak for them all but my guess is the majority want to respect and care for the area. It is my opinion that a little respect towards every other, without judgment may go a long way. I've seen excrement by the roadside and it made me so angry, but there are things that locals do occasionally that ruff my feathers also. If I witness the act, I will say something and explain my reasoning and give better future options. Not just hate everyone who visits or drives a van."

Rowena Caverly said: "I agree with you Glenn - most are probably friendly and decent human beings - but some were/are breaking the law - a Byron Shire Council, By-Law, introduced after years of stress and mess for some residents.

"Like it or not, Overnight Camping is illegal in our streets, reserves, parks etc. I've recently seen online ads for people offering to pay to park overnight in people's driveways... pretty smart idea if it doesn't upset the owners and neighbour's amenity/ right to reasonable peace and quiet. Would you rent yours out?"

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