The worst possible way to lose a grand final

The Cardiff Cobras defeated West Wallsend in the Newcastle & Hunter Rugby League Tier B women's grand final in unbelievable circumstances.Source:YouTube
The Cardiff Cobras defeated West Wallsend in the Newcastle & Hunter Rugby League Tier B women's grand final in unbelievable circumstances.Source:YouTube

FOR anyone who thought Port Adelaide's extra-time after-the-siren defeat against West Coast was the most excruciating finish to a team's footy season in 2017 - we give you the Newcastle & Hunter Rugby League's Tier B Women's Grand Final.

The clash between West Wallsend and Cardiff Cobrettes probably wasn't on your radar unless you're a local footy fan from that part of NSW.

Even the local Newcastle Herald glossed over the game with only the smallest of mentions at the bottom of its Saturday Scoreboard.

the West Wallsend girls to relive.

If there's been a team closer to winning the big one without actually getting the chocolates, we'd love to hear about it.

Backed up near their own try line as the clock ticked down to the full-time siren, Wests simply needed to complete their final set of six to hang on to a 6-4 lead.

They played it safe, smartly choosing not to throw the ball around and with the pill in their keeping as the siren sounded the victory appeared complete.

But anyone who has played rugby league before knows the siren doesn't mark the end of the game - the ball is still live until the player holding it has been tackled (or in this case tagged) or sends it in to touch.

Unfortunately the Wests player holding the ball threw it skyward in celebration - and made a mistake she will never forget.

Cobrettes player Bryden Sloan Harris was alert to the error and pounced, grabbing the ball on the bounce, evading a desperate attempt at a tackle before charging over the line.

A 6-4 deficit became an 8-4 lead for Cardiff, whose players sprinted from all parts to congratulate their hero.

Harris shared footage of the moment on Facebook with the caption: "Holy s*** it's me hahahahaha. I will never get over this and I'm not even sorry."

Her club was equally triumphant in a post to their Facebook page. "Well done Cardiff Cobrettes on your amazing Grand Final win. The game was there to be won but when the final siren went off, it was lost!

"Due to the quick thinking and positive persistence of Bryden Sloan Harris, the team triumphed after one of the most mind boggling brain explosions you will ever see on the football field and you have to see the pics and watch the video to appreciate it. You also have to feel sorry for the Westy girls too but as "they" say, that's life!"

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