Oh great, this guy is on my flight
Oh great, this guy is on my flight Facebook / Passenger Shaming

Worst passengers: Are you one of these monsters?

WE ALL like to think we're very good at being air passengers. But in reality, a lot of us are total jerks.

And of all the frustrating, dimwitted, inconsiderate people you should ever have the bad fortune of sharing a plane with, these kinds of people are the worst of the worst.

Expedia has revealed the results from its latest Airplane Etiquette Study, which identifies the behaviours we find the most infuriating in other passengers.

And it has whittled the list down to a terrible top five.



In first position are rear-seat kickers, which have now held the dubious honour of being the worst people on the plane for the third consecutive year in Expedia's survey.

Rear-seat kickers need no explanation: we all know who they are. A whopping 64 per cent of the 1005 American travellers surveyed hate them the most.

In second place are inattentive parents.

The kind that let their noisy, overactive children run amok in the cabin and pretend it's not happening.

Kids annoying passengers by just being kids may be a controversial issue, but this category has come in second for the second year in a row.

In third position are people who simply stink. However, the survey finds those with bad body odour are just as despised as those who wear a terrible fragrance, so while you should do something about your personal hygiene, go easy on that perfume or cologne.

And two categories have tied for fourth place this year: the "audio insensitive" types who talk too loud or turn the volume up way too high, and the people who drink too much.



A few extra bad behaviours have been raised in the survey. If you're the kind of person who likes to chat incessantly to the stranger in the next seat, learn to feel the room: 65 per cent of passengers surveyed say they "dread" sitting next to you Chatty Cathy types.

The survey has also settled the score on a major source of debate - whether it's OK to recline your seat during a flight. Some 53 per cent of those surveyed say it's fine to recline, while another 35 per cent say it is the work of the devil.

So now that all you rear-seat kickers, ignorant parents, human stink bombs, loud mouths and boozers have been called out on your bad behaviour, fix it.

And whatever you do, don't forget to wear pants.

Where is the eject button?
Where is the eject button? Facebook / Passenger Shaming
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