Work order for police lash out

JARRAH BAYLES was found guilty of assaulting two Lismore police officers and one count of offensive behaviour, after she pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The offences against the officers followed an argument in a Nimbin street after they were called to the area to investigate the report of a road accident.

Bayles, 25, from Nimbin, was ordered by magistrate Michael Dakin to complete 150 hours of unpaid community service work as punishment for the assaults. He fined her $300 for the offensive behaviour matter.

At 9.40pm on April 23 the officers heard and saw Bayles yelling loudly at a man in Cullen Street near the Nimbin Hotel.

One officer said he saw Bayles hit the man three times to his head and when the officers intervened she began to give them a tirade of abuse making threats to ‘smash you c...s’.

During the squabble one constable gave Bayles a short burst of capsicum spray in her eyes. She and the man she was arguing with both fell into the open door of the hotel.

As the officers tried to restrain the pair, Bayles continued to be abusive and hit one officer in the chest, knocking him backwards.

She was handcuffed and made threats to kick the officer in his testicles. While being put into the police van she kicked the second officer in his upper thigh.

Defence lawyer Hugh Norris had asked Mr Dakin for a supervised bond given the ‘obvious concerns’ with anger management and some alcohol issues relating to his client.

Mr Dakin said Bayles’ conduct had been out of proportion because police officers had a role to play when they saw someone being struck.

He said the work order was appropriate.

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