Reid Brydon.
Reid Brydon. THe Northern Star

Work, for some, is a cut above school

REID BRYDON left school 12 months ago when he was 16 years of age and is much happier because of it.

“I wasn't that interested in school,” Mr Brydon, of Ballina said.

In his second year as an apprentice butcher, Mr Brydon said he now felt 'he had a future'.

“I had no idea what I wanted to do at school,” he said.

“I was working as a casual employee at Ballina Fair Woolworths when someone suggested I enquire here at Ballina Fair Butchery for work as an apprentice.”

Mr Brydon said the owner of the butchery, Kevin Reynolds, gave him a trial run one weekend.

“And I started a couple of weeks later,” he said.

“School wasn't for me.”

In NSW 3600 students leave school every year before the end of Year 10.

And to stop that happening the NSW Government is raising the age a student can leave school from 15 years to 17.

To leave school under the age of 17 a student will have to be in vocational training, an apprenticeship of paid employment for more than 25 hours a week.

Novaskill Ballina manager Brett Morris said some students were not suited to remaining at school until they were 17.

“It depends on their skill level and maturity,” he said.

“And if they have an apprenticeship or employment then they are entitled to take up that opportunity.

“I know many successful business people who left school before reaching Year 12.

“Life skills, an ability to complete a task and work experience will get a young person work.

“Some people can study all their lives and not have hands-on skills to do the task required.”

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