Woolies protesters 'ripped off'

A WOOLWORTHS at Mullumbimby is looking increasingly likely, despite a long-running campaign to keep the supermarket giant out.

“It doesn’t look good,” admitted protester Deborah Lilly, who was in Sydney last week for Woolworths’ Land and Environment Court appeal against Byron Shire Council.

A decision will not be handed down until late January, but Ms Lilly said the court hearing was not what anti-Woolworths campaigners had been hoping for.

The scheduled two days had been condensed into one.

“We’ve been waiting four months and three court cases and for this to happen in one day – I feel ripped off,” she said.

“I feel cross and let down.”

Byron Shire Council refused Woolworths’ on-site sewerage application in August, saying it failed to demonstrate that appropriate arrangements could be made for the management of sewage generated by the development.

The refusal effectively stopped Woolworths from building, as a construction certificate cannot be issued until a Section 68 application is obtained.

But Woolworths lodged an appeal in the Land and Environment Court and was permitted to submit a revised proposal for an on-site sewerage system.

Ms Lilly said the council should remain as the consent authority and their original refusal should stand.

She said the problems with the sewerage system included inappropriate buffer zones and pump-out of sewage, which was illegal in the shire.

Ute and truck smash on highway

CRASH RESCUE: At 2am on Sunday the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter was called out to a crash involving a ute colliding with a truck on the Pacific motorway near Brunswick Heads.

Pacific Highway blocked after ute and truck smash

Ferry return to service delayed

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Service will not resume as expected

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