Women get together to find housing solutions

Northern Rivers Older Women Lifestyle Solutions (NR OWLS) - are a fledgling group of like-minded women who are coming together to discuss and develop solutions to housing availability for older women. This problem is of growing concern, as Australia's population ages and affordable housing becomes more difficult to find.

Older women in the community often face the future with uncertainty. These women have different needs - they may have limited funds but know that there is no way that they can afford or obtain a mortgage. Other women may already have their own home, perhaps through an inheritance or settlement, but once they retire they know that they will have difficulty paying rates and the costs of maintaining the property. There are many women who have no funds and are desperately seeking affordable housing.

The aim of the group is to aspire to obtain quality housing for older women, to offer security and choices which will provide the foundation for sustainability and development.

Some members of the group are looking for a cheaper way to live, perhaps in a rural setting, with independence but also having the option of being part of a community supporting each other. Other women want affordable rental accommodation. The aim of the group is to discover what older women hope for and to find a way of achieving this by providing choices. The group does not support feminist views or are biased towards any other beliefs. Women who take part in the project may be single, may have partners, children or other dependents, but it is the women themselves who are taking the initiative to find a solution to their housing problem and to seek security for their old age.

If any women are interested in taking part in the project they will be made very welcome. The group will be meeting on Saturday 19 October at 10.00am in the CWA rooms on Molesworth Street, Lismore.
Contact: nrowls50@yahoo.com.au
or 0435 203 077 (text messages only).

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