Woman sticks by her man in jail: OPINION

IT TAKES a lot of devotion for a woman to stick by her man when he's put away in the slammer. But some, like a woman in Birmingham, England, go to great lengths to stay attached.

When this loyal girl went to see her husband on jail visiting day and it came time for the good-byes, she couldn't bear to part. So she smeared her palm with super-glue and instead of giving the bloke a sloppy see-you-later kiss, she shook hands.

So there they were, not only united in holy wedlock but joined together by super glue.

Prison officers found themselves in a sticky situation. They were pretty good at separating fighting jailbirds but they couldn't find anything in the how-to manual about separating lovebirds. Not in our job description, they decided. Time to call in the jail doctor.

He wasn't much help. Said it was a matter for the local hospital where they'd have had experience unglueing small boys and sloppy hobby enthusiasts.

Getting to the hospital brought a new problem. Rules are rules. The glued-up prisoner had to be handcuffed to a jail officer before he'd be allowed out of the gates. And what about the woman? She didn't need cuffing - she had no option but to tag along.

It was a strange procession on the way to the hospital - two men linked to each other by the wrist, a woman in very close proximity being led by her outstretched hand. If picnics have three-legged races, this would have to look like a six-legged event.

At the hospital, doctors after being assured they wouldn't be charged with helping a man break his bond, set to work. Soon the prisoner was free. Which of course he wasn't - glue or no glue he had his single-bed accommodation booked.

The Home Office said that though this was as sticky as any situation in its jails, it hadn't been gummed up.

"After several hours the husband and wife were separated," a spokesman reported. "The man went back to prison."

This goes to show how innovative women can be in jail situations. There was a time when the best they'd come up with was a cake with a hacksaw its main ingredient.

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