Woman steals from own grandmother

A TWEED mother has vowed to stand by her daughter after the 26-year-old stole $25,000 from her own grandmother.

Coralie Della-Coste appeared at the Tweed Heads Local Court on Monday to face 27 counts of obtaining money by deception.

Her mother, Lyn, sat in the public gallery as her daughter was ordered to take part in forum sentencing and return on November 23.

Della-Coste has pleaded guilty to all charges, which stem from the use of her grandmother's bank card over the period of a month.

“She is paying for it real bad, but she is a beautiful person who stuffed up, big time,” Lyn said outside the court yesterday.

“I want her to make something good out of something bad - if she can do that she can get on with life.”

According to police evidence, Della-Coste used the bank card 27 times to take $25,000 over the period of a month.

She had moved in to her 84-year-old grandmother's house with Lyn to provide care for the pensioner on June 11 and was taking money by July 15.

Della-Coste memorised her grandmother's PIN number after seeing her type it into an automatic teller machine on one of her fortnightly trips to withdraw part of her pension.

With each transaction, police say Delle-Coste went into her grandmother's bedroom and took the card from her purse, withdrew money at various ATMs, then returned the card to the purse without telling her grandmother.

The last theft was on August 26 and Della-Coste handed herself in to police on August 30.

Under caution, she made admissions about taking the money.

She was arrested and charged and in a recorded interview, made full admissions to the offences.

Police say Della-Coste gave no reason or excuse for taking the money and would not disclose where any of it had gone.

Lyn Della-Coste said her daughter did the right thing by going to police.

“I told her there were two roads to take ... thankfully she did the right thing, which was good.”

Delle-Coste is unemployed, but has told police she intends to repay the money and has already paid back $3000.

Lyn said her daughter was in the process of looking for a job, so she could repay the rest of the money.

“She has already started to pay it back ... she is trying to make good. Everyone deserves a chance.”

Lyn said she would always have time for her four kids, no matter what they did.

She added that her daughter was prepared to do all the courses necessary as part of her rehabilitation and accept the punishment handed out by the court.

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