Woman loses everything to drugs

EVEN before she arrived at Lismore Local Court, Tracy Ellen Marriot had lost everything to drugs.

Marriot, 49 of Lismore and also known as Tracy Leete, had become estranged from her two sons and lost all her possessions, apart from the dress she wore as she stood before Magistrate Robyn Denes and pleaded guilty to charges of possessing heroin, amphetamines and cannabis.

The charges came after police caught her with 1.73 grams of heroin, 0.8 grams of amphetamines and 6.7 grams of cannabis.

Marriot’s solicitor conceded Marriot had been jailed before for drug offences, but said the last time she was released from prison she was determined to start a new life, free of drugs.

That was going well until Marriot’s husband died and she became involved with another man who led her into a new spiral of drug-taking.

“She became an extremely heavy user with her new friend of substances such as heroin, amphetamines and cannabis, to the point where any possessions she did have all disappeared,” the solicitor told the court. “She virtually stands before you in all of her possessions.”

Marriot was fighting again to free herself of drugs and was now on a strict methadone program, which included regular testing to check she had not taken any other drugs.

Ms Denes decided to give Marriot a chance, putting her on a Section 9 bond and waiving a fine – noting the accused had no money to pay a fine with anyway.

“I often say to people, as a magistrate and a lawyer, the phrase ‘at the crossroads’ often gets bandied about,” Ms Denes told Marriot.

“In my view there are two crossroads – when people are 17 or 18 and they can go down one road or the other; the other is at 30 or 40. Unfortunately for you, you have missed those crossroads. Even when you have had opportunities ... while on parole to get clean.

“I’m told you were clean for a while but that became undone. That’s because the reasons you were using (drugs) in the first place weren’t dealt with. It’s not enough to stop using, you have to deal with the reasons.

“I don’t know if there’re grief issues you have not dealt with. Everyone has things in their lives and people deal with them differently. You have obviously gone early on ‘drugs are it for me’ and off you go, but all that happens is you end up with nothing.

“The bottom line is no-one else can do it, you have to do it for yourself. I’m putting you on a bond but if you breach it you know what happens.

“I can give you the chance, but you have to take it.”

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