Woman gets bond for speeding in school zone

IN A rush to get to work, a Whian Whian woman was caught doing twice the speed limit as she sped through a 40km/h school zone.

Sharmain Keogh, 50, pleaded guilty at Lismore Local Court to speeding at 8.45am in the school zone on Dunoon Road at Modanville on October 21 last year.

Keogh was caught driving at 81km/h in the 40km/h zone.

Her defence lawyer pleaded for some leniency, saying Keogh had worked at an Aboriginal women's refuge to improve the life of people who were disadvantaged and now assisted people trying to find housing.

Her work would come to an abrupt halt if she lost her licence.

When Magistrate Robyn Denes asked what happened on the morning of the offence, the lawyer said Keogh had believed she was past the school speed zone and 'sped back up to speed' before leaving the 40km/h zone.

The lawyer acknowledged Keogh's driving record was 'not fantastic' and that she had faced a negligent driving charge in 2006.

Ms Denes asked whether Keogh could continue her work if she lost her licence.

“She is at the mercy of her employers, whether they can re-assign her,” Keogh's solicitor told the court.

“Other people will be disadvantaged if they lose the assistance of her.”

Ms Denes said she took speeding in school zones very seriously.

However, the work Keogh did in the Aboriginal community and the many references she supplied to the court would be taken into account in her decision.

She said the legislation on speeding was not intended to cause people to lose their jobs because of a silly mistake.

Ms Denes found Keogh guilty of the offence, but did not record a conviction.

Instead, Ms Denes chose to discharge the woman on a 12-month Section 10 bond.

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