PHOTOS: Woman describes twister hitting Bundy home

A BUNDABERG woman has described the terrifying moments a twister hit her Avenell Heights home. 

Jordan Walmsley was at home by herself while her mother was at work when the weather wrecked its havoc around 2pm today.  

"I had some clothes that I needed to get out of my dryer from the garage," she said.

"When I went to get them I heard this massive bang.

"Then all I see is my garage door concaves in and nearly hits me, I see this huge twister from outside."

Miss Walmsley was then nearly struck by the dryer. 

"Everything starts to be blown inside the house and through the garage, I narrowly miss the dryer from hitting me, I run back inside and grab my phone," she said.

"I start to panic majorly as I had no idea what to do in that moment."

Miss Walmsley said police told her family they needed to evacuate immediately.

She said she had been distraught all day and concerned for people in the street. 

"Our back fence has been completely torn off, we've had trees fallen down everywhere - luckily they didn't hit the house -  and our garage doors are broken and torn through," she said. 

"Also our back gate has been broken off."

Even getting out of the street was a feat for the Bundy family. 

"We had to be careful getting out of our street as there was a fallen power line in the middle of the wet ride, luckily there was a way we could walk around it without getting into the water," she said. 

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