Woman describes savage sex attack

A WOMAN who is the alleged victim of a prolonged sexual assault yesterday outlined a litany of degrading acts carried out by the accused.

The Kyogle woman, who had taken the homeless man into her house, told the Lismore District Court how he had tied her legs to the bed and demanded oral sex during the attack in January, 2008.

He had pushed her arms above her head, in the course of which her arm was broken – an injury that required surgery at Lismore Base Hospital.

A marcasite ring that belonged to her grandmother had been removed from her finger and thrown towards the window.

When she asked him if she could go to the toilet, the man had dragged her through to the bathroom by her hair and told her that he had urinated over all the toilet rolls there, the woman said.

She had told the court earlier that she had been threatened with a knife and it is alleged he told her she would be anally raped.

The woman’s ordeal only ended when the man fell asleep on her bed, the Crown alleges.

The man, aged 45, is charged with assault with an act of indecency; recklessly causing grievous bodily harm; and threatening to inflict bodily harm on the victim with intent to have sexual intercourse.

He cannot be named for legal reasons.

The Crown prosecutor asked the woman a series of questions regarding consent:

“Regarding the accused slapping you about the face – did you ask or consent for the accused to do that?”

“No, I did not,” the woman replied.

“Did you consent to have him touch your vagina?”


“To have your arms put above your head, taken from the bed and dragged by the hair to the shower?”

“No,” said the woman.

The court has heard how the woman, in her 50s, had met the man three months before the 2008 floods.

On hearing he was homeless, she offered him short-term accommodation in her home.

They had had a relationship, but decided not to pursue it, the court has heard.

It is alleged that on the morning of January 20, 2008, the man entered her bedroom and began the attack, which lasted for nearly six hours.

The trial continues.

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