Wind bodes well for fishing in the coming weeks

THAT southerly last week blew in some good things, with the warmest water of the season now lapping the beaches.

Yes, sadly, the next southerly this weekend won't allow too many weekend warriors to take advantage of the warm water but at least it's setting up the scene for the months ahead and will keep that warm water inshore.

Around here it's the northerlies that tend to cool off the inshore water and start the cold upwellings and the southerlies that drive the warm current closer to the shore.

It's usually a contest between the two until the warm water presides from top to bottom by late January.

Those who could spare the time off, or could call in a sickie, caught the first mackerel of the season off Evans Head on Monday.

Spotties and a few Spanish have been coming from the inshore reefs since then although they are moving about a bit as they follow the bait schools.

Snapper, teraglin and mulloway also bit freely in the build-up to yesterday's new moon.

Up off Lennox there were mulloway and snapper, according to Brett at Ballina Bait and Tackle, along with snapper and mahi mahi out on the 32-fathom reefs and around the FADs.

Tailor have been sporadic and, again, followed the baitfish - in their case, plentiful patches of small white pilchards travelling just beyond the surf line.

The Richmond River is finding it hard to shrug off the effects of good rain further up the catchment.

Although the bigger high tides over the next few days will help to push some clearer ocean water into the lower reaches, we can expect plenty more discoloured run-off to come down from the headwaters.

Brett says the river whiting have enjoyed the bigger tides and are now taking worm baits up to Keith Hall and Pimlico Island, while the surface lure brigade are also taking a few in North Creek.

Flathead are also providing a feed for those venturing up as far as Pimlico.

Mud crabs have turned up in Emigrant and the main river but not in big numbers at this stage.

So unless you're in search of a few estuary fish this weekend, you might be better off at home preparing for the weeks ahead.

For a start, if you're taking the boat with you for the holidays, now's the time to jack up the trailer and check that those wheel bearings aren't growling. There'll be a lot more growling in the car if you're pulled up along a busy highway somewhere because the trailer bearings have failed!

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