Another of Wicked's offensive slogans.
Another of Wicked's offensive slogans. Contributed

OPINION: Wicked should be ashamed, Grandpa should be praised

LIKE many of our readers I think the grandfather who painted over a lurid Wicked camper slogan should be praised, not prosecuted.

Paul McCarthy took the law into his own hands and spray painted over a slogan on one of Wicked's vehicles.

He was offended to read the slogan which said: "A bl#wjob a day beats an apple."

"I admit I had a brain snap but I just took offence to it," Mr McCarthy said.

He plans to take it up with the Byron Shire Council at its next meeting and has called on others to get on board his one-man crusade.

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One of our Facebook readers reported seeing an especially vile slogan on the back of a van in Byron Bay.

Anne Barnham said the slogan stated: "It's not rape if you yell surprise."

We've sent off a list of questions to Wicked about their crass and vulgar slogans and are waiting to hear back as to whether the slogans are their doing.

We are also planning to contact police, the council and women's groups for comment if this proves correct.

If violence and sexual assault against women has been declared a national emergency this sort of comment is a disgrace and should be condemned from the highest office down.

If it proves to be true, Wicked have a lot of explaining to do.

There's nothing clever, funny, witty or daring in displaying something so vulgar and heads should roll if it is found to be correct.

We are also investigating the legality of inciting someone to commit a crime.

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