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Why this puppy is lucky to be alive

LITTLE Buster is lucky to be alive after an encounter of the scaly kind.

Snake catcher Mark Neath received a call from a family saying their shih-tzu maltese cross puppy, Buster, had been snatched by a python at their Buderim home.

Within 12 minutes he was trying to pull apart the two animals.

"I saw the snake wrapped around the prone puppy on the far side of the decking," Mr Neath wrote on Facebook.

"I said a bad word and ran around the deck, reached under and pulled out the snake and Buster and placed them on the deck.

"At this moment Buster let out the most spine-chilling howl of despair, pain and terror. While it was excruciatingly awful to hear it was, in a way, extremely hearting as it meant that I was almost certainly going to save Buster."

When pythons attack they bite their intended meal and then wrap around the prey to constrict them.

Miraculously, the python had only grabbed Buster by the side of the jaw then wrapped around the dog's head.

VIDEO: Giant brown snake wrangled by gutsy catcher

"Buster was subdued but not constricted where it counts.

"I started unwrapping the python who then proceeded to rewrap itself around Buster's neck. I unwrapped again this time wrapping the python around my arm. Very quickly I had the python wrapped around my arm but still biting the puppy. It was then a simple matter to unhook the python then place it into the bag."

Buster was rushed to the vet where he was given painkillers and antibiotics.

Within minutes robust little Buster was slowly wagging his tail and attempting to lick the vet. He is now reportedly back to full health.

The snake was released well away from Buster and any other homes.

Read more about Mark Neath's snake catching adventures on his website.

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