Youi CEO Danie Matthee.
Youi CEO Danie Matthee. Patrick Woods

Why insurer Youi is really, really appy

SOME apps take forever to generate interest, others go viral within minutes.

Sunshine Coast-based insurer Youi is ecstatic with the results of its new YouiRewards app and its only been on the market for a few weeks.

A Youi spokesman said the take up of YouiRewards, which housed the Youi loyalty program, had "exceeded expectations".

"There has been almost 34600 downloads in the first few weeks since its launch and the numbers are increasing daily."

It appears customers are also 'appy' with the program.

YouiRewards user Malik Giesen shared his excitement on his Facebook post.

"Finally an app! Thank you Youi! This is awesome," he wrote.

Youi policyholders receive half their premiums in the form of YouiDollars to use with rewards partners which offer savings on a variety of daily purchases, including food, clothing, travel, tourism and more.

Dining partners and retail purchases were the most popular selections so far.

Youi CEO Danie Matthee said the program had got off to a "great start".

"We are thrilled with the number of downloads and encouraged by the responses from our customers and other businesses who are keen to become partners in the program," he said.

" Local restaurants and retailers are benefiting with Youi customers taking advantage of the discounts they offer.

"We also have plans to develop the app so that customers can access their policies and claims and also generate referrals, all the while benefitting from their YouiDollars."

See for full details.

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