Richmond MP Justine Elliot.
Richmond MP Justine Elliot. John Gass

COMMENT: Does Justine Elliot represent Richmond or Page?

I am so pleased to hear that the Hon Member, Justine Elliot has indeed solved ALL the issues and constraints affecting her constituents of Richmond like, unemployment, infrastructure, health, education, crime and is now readily focusing on the Hon Kevin Hogan seat of Page.

In question time in Parliament on Monday the Hon Member decided it imperative to ask a question to the Prime Minister on behalf of the constituents of "Page".

Justine Elliot: "Why does the Prime Minister's unfair budget slash the households of 10,000 families in the electorate of Page."

Unfortunately it may come to the Hon Member's surprise that her records of 10,000 families affected are derived from the NATSEM modelling, funded by the Labor Party from the properties of Bill Shortens staffer Ryan Redall, former press secretary to Wayne Swan whom no one can forget the famous announcement of; "the four years of surpluses I announce tonight".

I think to suggest, Justine, that the accuracy and validity of your concerns as factual evidence would be somewhat ambiguous to the point of enigmatic.

What the budget does offer to families, which includes those in the seat of Page, is $5.5 billion in boosting jobs and small business growth, $3.5 billion in childcare support and subsidies and $331.8 million to assist farmers and rural communities in drought relief, civil infrastructure and rural financial counselling services.

My advice to the Member for Richmond is to confer with the Member for Page, Kevin Hogan, on issues relating to HIS electorate before making any public assumptions in Parliament based on biased propaganda for no other reason than it is HIS electorate, which he knows and serves diligently for on a daily basis.

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