Woman menaced at Suffolk Park

Maggie (last name withheld) standing on the beach at Suffolk Park where she was threatened and abused by two drunken men.
Maggie (last name withheld) standing on the beach at Suffolk Park where she was threatened and abused by two drunken men. Jay Cronan

A SUFFOLK PARK woman’s early morning walk on the beach turned into a terrifying encounter when a man stalked and menaced her.

She was saved by a mystery man who tackled and fought with the offender before he could attack her.

Maggie, 69, who did not want her last name used, said she was in fear for her safety when the man and his mate began verbally abusing her on the deserted stretch of beach, before running up behind her in what she perceived was a likely assault.

She said the man was drinking from a stubby and possibly drug or alcohol affected, and she quickly realised by his nasty behaviour that he intended to harm her.

Maggie has since unsuccessfully tried to track down her ‘white knight’ to properly thank him for physically saving her from a bad situation.

“Whoever you are, you are a hero,” Maggie, still upset, said yesterday.

“He (assailant) was right behind me when he (white knight) ran down the beach and tackled him. He put his arm up behind his back and told him not to do anything, that it was a very bad thing. He sorted him out.

“I was absolutely in danger.”

Maggie warned other women to take care if alone on some of the Byron area’s more remote beaches.

But the woman, who has been battling cancer and has had numerous operations, is determined not to let the ugly incident ruin her daily beach walk, which she loves and also helps maintain her health and avoid stress.

“It makes me feel awful after going through all of that (cancer operations and ther- apy) thinking is that how it was going to end.

“Just an idiot probably stoned or drunk on the beach,” she said.

“I felt very vulnerable and helpless. It was totally threatening.

“Something very bad was going to happen.

“They were so aggressive, just horrible, horrible. It was serious. A bashing at best.”

The men had been standing up on dunes near the caravan park when Maggie first saw them at 6.30am on Friday, December 18.

They were yelling out foul abuse to her, threatening her, so a frightened Maggie stopped walking and put up her hands up toward them saying: “Stop it. Go away, just go away.”

As she walked on Maggie sensed a presence behind her and turned to see one of the men looming over her.

Her legs ‘turned to jelly’ in fear just as her mystery white knight began yelling at the men and ran towards them.

She said the two assailants were aged in their 20s.

One was tall, skinny, fair skin with ‘Goth like’ black hair that was spiked up. The other had brown hair.

Her white knight was aged in his 30s, looked like a surfer with fair hair and had been wearing board shorts.

He was later seen with a child on the beach.

“Whoever he was, he was a real gentleman. I want to thank him properly,” Maggie said.

Maggie said she phoned Byron police but was disappointed by the response with an officer saying there was nothing police could do as the men would be well gone, and police would not be able to get a truck on to the beach.

Inspector Owen King said yesterday police would investigate all such incidents if reported and he encouraged people to report such matters so police knew where they were occurring and could respond.

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