Where clothes are optional ... and where they're not

Nude Beach at Tyagarah offs Grays Lane.
Nude Beach at Tyagarah offs Grays Lane. Marc Stapelberg

THERE are some places where it is acceptable, and some places where it is not. Local authorities are making it clear where those boundaries lie, and warn they will attract police attention if those boundaries are ignored.

The Tweed Byron Police District with the assistance of Byron Shire Council, and National Parks and Wildlife have been proactively patrolling Greys Lane, Tyagarah Beach, Tyagarah Nature Reserve and surrounding areas to ensure public safety because of serious sexual offences and offensive behaviour in and around those areas.

A statement from the Tweed Byron Police District said: "Police are here to protect the community and enforce the laws put in place by our elected officials. We are not here to ruin law abiding communities fun and lawful activities".



A map shows where clothes are optional, and where they are not.
A map shows where clothes are optional, and where they are not. contributed

A map, above, indicates the 800 metre clothes options area on Tyagarah beach. By being naked outside of that 800 metre stretch of Tyagarah beach, police say you are committing an offence.

A spokesperson from the Tweed Byron Police District said police will be strongly enforcing the current legislation and will not tolerate people committing offences of a sexual nature against anyone attempting to enjoy the local environment and beach areas.

They said people attending the sand dunes behind the Tyagarah beach and the bush walks in the nature reserve for the purpose of offensive behaviour or meeting others for sexual encounters will receive the appropriate attention by police.

Police said the strong stance has been taken to ensure the area is a safe place for the entire community to feel comfortable - to visit for its natural beauty without fear of being confronted by sexual predators or deviates.

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