When you've got a big thing, float it

WHEN you have got a good thing going why give it up?

Regional coastal towns such as Ballina need to market themselves in both the national and international markets if they want to attract more people to their town.

So when you have around 6000 people signing a petition to keep a public icon, you have to know you are onto something big.

The Big Prawn is an icon that obviously attracts big attention, not only around Australia but also overseas.

That's why it is good to see people in Ballina standing up and trying to do something to save the Big Prawn.

It shows they are passionate about putting their town on the map and helping it to grow.

With the upcoming bypass Ballina will need to do some solid marketing to get tourists to come to town and in the Big Prawn they already have a proven attraction and a talking point.

You can't buy that sort of marketing anywhere.

Ballina Shire Council needs to listen to proposals such as Sharon Cadwallader's to use the Big Prawn as a water feature to get tourists to the town.

Her idea for a festival also has merit and should be seriously considered by council.

It looks like the Big Prawn has never been so popular with developer Chris Condon also vying for the Prawn for his new service centre.

With this in mind councillors, who said the Big Prawn had had its day, need to readjust their thinking quick smart before a real opportunity is lost forever.

After all, who would want to go down in history as the council that gave up the Prawn?

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