When you're on the front page because you want a job

Lisa Purcell and Mitchell Hardman are looking for work in Casino.
Lisa Purcell and Mitchell Hardman are looking for work in Casino. Susanna Freymark

AM I too old?

Not experienced enough?

Too experienced?

Do I look right?

Do I know the right people?

Job seeking is like a bad reality TV show. There's the competition, filling in forms, going to interviews and employment agencies and worse, not getting feedback on why you didn't get the job.

Searching for a job can be damaging to your self esteem yet job seekers have to throw themselves into the hands of potential employers.

Mitch Hardman and Lisa Purcell have lived in Casino for two years and nine months respectively and have been looking for work for months.

They are smart, able, willing workers and are struggling to find a job.

Mitch is considering going interstate to find work.

His wife has a nursing job and they want to stay in Casino.

If you are reading this and have a position in your business or organisation, let us introduce you to two possible candidates.

Lisa Purcell

Age: 52 years

Dream job: Working with people in retail or hospitality.

Skills: Management including hiring and firing, doing rosters, making coffee, opening and closing the shop, food prep, waitressing, using eftpos, merchandising and much more.

Best job ever: Modelling for Grace Brothers in Sydney. Loved being out there and being friendly.

Worst job: Takeaway shop but it didn't work out because of poor management.

Strengths: Gift of the gab, positive energy, quick thinker.

What kind of workplace would you like?: One where there is teamwork and a great atmosphere and is people orientated.

Dealbreaker: Wiping people's bottoms.

When can you start: Tomorrow.



Mitchell Hardman

Age: 29 years

Dream job: Something that's consistent. Have done voluntary work for the council, traffic control and put my name down at the NCMC.

Skills: Certificate in warehousing and civil construction and plant operation.

Can drive a front-end loader, an excavator and roller.

Will have forklift licence by the end of the year.

Best job ever: Working at a pizza shop in Perth where I took orders and made deliveries.

Worst job: Traffic control because there was no consistency in hours.

Strengths: Have all my own personal protection equipment, am outgoing and committed and have own transport.

Dealbreaker: Bitching and gossip in the work place.

When can you start: immediately.

Contact: 0498 106 325 or email mitchhardman@outlook. com


JOB SEEKERS: Lisa Purcell and Mitchell Hardman  are looking for work in Casino.
JOB SEEKERS: Lisa Purcell and Mitchell Hardman are looking for work in Casino. Susanna Freymark


According to the 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 650 people in Richmond Valley are looking for work including full time and part time job seekers.

Employed males

Full time: 2879

Part time: 1225

Unemployed males

Looking for full time work: 292

Looking for part time work: 106

Employed females

Full time: 1643

Part time: 1996

Unemployed females

Looking for full time work: 155

Looking for part time work: 139

Biggest age group looking for work

Males: 25-34 years

Females: 45-54 years

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