What's growing in your backyard?

ACCORDING to local organization Lismore Urban Agriculture, what we grow in our back yards is important, and they want to know what's growing around here.

The group have just launched a survey entitled Grow Your Own to find out what's growing in the gardens of Lismore residents and will use the results to target projects which increase urban food production. 

They are encouraging Lismore residents to take five minutes to do the survey - look out for the team at the local markets, or complete the survey online through their facebook page LismoreUrbanAgriculture, spokesperson Kerry Gibson said.

"We can really help our planet and our community through something as simple as growing a few fruit trees or a vege patch," Ms Gibson said.

The group also run the urban harvest project StopTheRot where anyone who has an abundance of fruit or vegetables growing in their garden can share their surplus with members of the community who have trouble meeting their family's food needs. 

"People can bring their excess fruit and vege to us each Wednesday morning at the Community Garden in Brewster street, and we take it to the Lismore Food Pantry. It goes to vulnerable families in our community," Ms Gibson said.

The members came together through their mutual concern over the way our modern food system works, and they are encouraging people to think about the future, where food security may be a very different scenario.  

"There is a wealth of evidence that the world is facing environmental issues and a diminishing oil supply which will impact on our most basic need - food," Ms Gibson said.

"Our group sees the value of people learning how to grow more food closer to where they live - in their own back yard or community garden - which is as close as it can get!" 

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