What you said: Reaction to scam callers

READERS of The Northern Star have reacted strongly to the news of a local woman's run-in with a solar scam phone caller.

Read the original story here: Solar scam phone caller threatens to burn house down

After posting the story about the Ballina woman's experience on Facebook, other locals chimed in with their thoughts or their own stories.

Here are just some:


Mel Davies: I had the Microsoft scam phone me.. Once I said I don't own a computer and hung up. They called back and I and started calling me an Australian Slut amongst other names. I hung up they phoned back. My hubby answered and they started abusing him.. They wanted to rape his wife.. He said something back to them. They quickly hung up.... I do have a theory.. Telstra call centre is in the Philippines, all the scams are by Philippines. I bet telstra employees are selling our numbers.

Vicki Lawrence- Shaw: I have people claiming to be from Telstra saying there is a problem with my internet. I than ask them for which account because I have two. They can't answer. I rang Telstra just to make sure and they told me they will never make them phone calls, if you have a problem with your internet you ring us. The next time they rang I told them I had rang Telstra and the police and the government ... I haven't had a call from them again

Jackie Dorey: There (are) so many scams out there most recent via email PG& E energy claiming I'm late paying my energy bill and what my newest bill is. I am not with them. Always beware.

Sarah Sims: My oldest likes to answer the phone, it tends to weed out the illegitimate calls.

Leanne Albert: (I) have told all my friends about them. Mostly in cases of an overseas caller trying to tell us that my computer had a virus and they could fix it. But after a few minutes they ask you to pay a payment of $250.

Leiah Williams: (I) advertised a 'wanted' ad on facebook and had some people contact us stating they had what we wanted. They sent us pictures of 'what they had' but it didn't sit well seeing the image portrayed a 'new' item being sold for 1/4 of the price and the 'extras' they were giving away with it didn't even fit the item they had. I 'googled' the number and found these people had also been trying to sell fake tickets to music gigs. I reported the details to Scam Watch Australia.

Jacqui Love: Best thing to do is shop local u know where they are and who they are and at the same time support local businesses.


If you've ever had an experience with a scam caller, or ever reported a scam to the authorities, comment below and let us know.

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