The war rages on over cats and dogs.
The war rages on over cats and dogs. Contributed

What we really think about cats and dogs: YOUR SAY

NOTHING gets the hackles rising for cat-lovers more than when their moggies are under attack.

Our story yesterday about cats being cold-blooded killers, after research showed they kill more than a million birds a day across Australia plenty of our readers took to Facebook to air their grievances.

"Rubbish!! Show me the facts and figures and proof of these supposed 1,000,000 birds per day. I bet there's no proof and they just decided to throw that figure out there," Karen Lee posted.

"Oh come on guys that's ridiculous. Most domestic cats if well fed and taught from a young age not to attack birds aren't interested in birds. Nor do those cats wander outside of their yards," Shane Koning wrote.

"My cat is chipped, registered, desexed and wears a bell. She gets locked inside all day while I'm at work and I let her out for a few hours when I get home to stretch her muscles and shes back inside about 8pm," Carly Ervin-Horton said.

"She is also trained to come in to a whistle so I can bring her in any time, how much more responsible, other than the cruelty of a life being forced to live completely inside, can a pet owner be?"

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Many cat owners agreed and were quick to give ideas on how keeping cats inside, and therefore, birds safe.

"My cat stays inside most of the time. She isn't allowed out at night even on the verandah because we have frogs, ...we watch her like a hawk so she doesn't kill anything if we can stop her," Shay Jansen posted.

"We already have our cats inside at night, from around 5.30. They do not get let out until 8.30 to 9.00. They are all desexed and registered. We take responsibility for them," Phil Bowman said.

Talking about cats and their habits inevitably brought up the angst many feel towards dogs.

"Probably a good time to say dog owners should stop their dogs from barking all night. How about you bring them inside like the cat owners, that way people will get some sleep," Heather Ervin wrote.

"And dogs maul and kill people, there's at least one dog attack on people/children everyday. Where's the article on that?" Melissa Ann Banks posted.

Then there are those who are definitely only dog people who wouldn't mind living in a world that was cat-less.

"I think cats should be banned as pets. Any cat found unrestrained in public should be destroyed," Bruce Harvey said.

"These "pets" destroy more native Australian wildlife than pretty much everything else combined."

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