What power option is best for the Northern Rivers?

A FEW weeks ago we had a front cover where we placed a nuclear power plant on the banks of the Richmond River.

Of course it was just our designer doing a bit of "digital mischief" but it helped illustrate a point.

There's been oodles of debate recently about meeting Australia's energy needs into the future.

Nuclear power is never seriously talked about as an option for a myriad of reasons ranging from the environmental consequences to the sheers costs and length of time it would take to build such a plant.

Coal seems to be on the nose, as does coal seam gas.

It just made me wonder, apart from sun and solar, what means of power generation most residents of the Northern Rivers would be prepared to put up with?

You could imagine some of those green rolling hills along our coastline would make ideal wind farms, although I wonder what sort of reception the big white fans would receive here?

As power prices have sky-rocketed in months I am wondering whether people have softened their views on our energy mix.

Through mere observation the take-up of solar panels in our region is phenomenal.

People seems to be voting with their feet and not waiting for the government to make up their mind on whether to adopt the Finkel Review's findings in full.

As the cost of roof top solar comes down and battery storage becomes more reliable and affordable many may get off the grid for good.

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