What our local Federal MPs have to say about gay marriage

WITH Federal MPs due to vote Monday on the Marriage Equality Bill, introduced by Labor leader Bill Shorten this week, we asked Richmond MP Justine Elliot and Page MP Kevin Hogan where they stood on the issue.

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The Bill decides whether same sex marriages should be allowed under Australian Commonwealth law.

Justine Elliot.
Justine Elliot. Blainey Woodham


Ms Elliott says she supports same-sex marriages and will vote for it in the Federal Parliament.

I support marriage equality because people should be allowed to marry the person that they love," she said.

"I voted in Parliament in 2012 to support marriage equality and will do so again.

"Our current law excludes some individuals - and that's wrong. I want to see that changed.

"By voting for marriage equality I want to send a strong message - I want locals to know your relationship matters and your love should be equal under the law."

Kevin Hogan MP.
Kevin Hogan MP.


Mr Hogan said the question of marriage equality should be decided by the community, not by politicians.

He declined to say how he would vote should the government decide to put the Marriage Equality Bill to a conscience vote.

"The issue of marriage equality is a community one, not a political one," he said.

"For that reason I would prefer to see the issue put to the community in the form of a referendum or plebiscite.

"I would certainly support a church or religion's right to not marry people if it's against their teachings, but if we decide to recognise marriage equality in a registry office then so be it."

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