What not to wear on your Valentine's date!

IT'S a day that makes your heart beat faster - both in anticipation and with anxiety. Reservations at the posh new eatery in town. A full-bodied red. Lots of intense eye contact. And you…wearing the perfect dress and your heart on your sleeve.

You can dazzle your date with the perfect dress that flatters your shape, fits your measurements, and reflects your unique style.

You’re spending the holiday together, so chances are good he’s already smitten. On your Valentine’s Day date, remind him why. Just because he likes you for who you are does not mean you should answer the door in worn-in jeans and your favorite tee. Traditionalists and romantics alike will agree: the dress silhouette is the true icon of femininity and the ideal garb for this milestone of lovers’ young and old.

A few things to keep in mind to sidestep any embarrassing encounters when you choose your February 14 frock:

Romantic meal?

If you’re going to a romantic dinner, your dress should work with the venue, both in form and function. You’ll be seated, so don’t wear anything too short - your legs might look sexy but the unflattering sound effect of peeling them off your chair is not. A knee-length hem is a safer bet.

A too-tight bodice is another avoid since constriction-induced indigestion is sure to kill the mood. Empire waist silhouettes provide a little forgiveness if you stuff yourself with steak and soufflé. Fluid, jersey-knit fabrics are a better choice than textiles that wrinkle easily like silk or crinkle loudly like tulle. Follow these rules and you’ll be able to keep your mind on exchanging sweet nothings and gazing deeply into each others’ eyes.

Dancing ‘til dark?

George Bernard Shaw cheekily described dancing as “the vertical expression of a horizontal desire.” Valentine’s Day is more an occasion for the waltz than the Lambada, but you should still dress to move. Steer clear of a floor-sweeping hem - particularly if your partner has two left feet. Stepping on your skirts and taking a tumble will leave you with bruised egos and knees.

As much as you may want to tease him with your sexy bare shoulders, skip the spaghetti straps or strapless look, as enthusiastic dipping and twirling can cause straps to snap! A thicker strap or sleeves will keep things in place and leave a little more to his imagination.

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