There are rules that need to be followed when in parking areas.
There are rules that need to be followed when in parking areas. Contributed

What is the most broken road rule on the Northern Rivers?

"PRETTY much all of them..."

That was one reader, Renae Taylor's, response when we asked what the most commonly broken road rule on the Northern Rivers was.

Many suggestions were tossed forward on The Northern Star's Facebook page where we posted the question, with the two highest votes summed up well by Sioux Harrison:

"Roundabouts and blinkers. People have no idea."

Roundabouts are something of a contentious issue in the region it seems, with many having something to say - from indicating out of them, to staying in their own lane while on a roundabout, and overtaking.

"Considering how many roundabouts we have so many people have no idea," Scott Randall said.

"Nobody knows how to use a roundabout or use the correct indicator when exiting roundabout," Sammy Beggs said.

"All the rules for indicating and roundabouts. Apparently no one has ever read them," Carly Ervin-Horton said.

A separate issue was raised by another bunch of commenters:

"Idiots speeding up to 120klm on a overtaking lane thinking they are Peter Brock's love child after they've been sitting on 70klm in a single lane - nothing is more frustrating! Then proceed to drop their speed once the overtaking lane ends," Matty Lawler said.

"Yes this happens all the time. They get into the straight part with opportunity to overtake and speed up so you cannot get past. Only to slow down when the overtaking opportunity ends," Leann Hatfield added.

Another highly raised issue was speed, with Ashlee Sainty particularly pointing to speeding in school zones, and Kerry Braid pointing to speeding in 50km/h zones.

"This arvo had red P Plater in a pretty blue Ford or Holden sedan overtake me and another car, then further on overtook three cars in a row. Now when all these cars are doing 100 and he's passed all of them - in one go - he's doing more than his allowed 90kms. I was going to pull over and call police to get a patrol car out on Lismore Road to slow this jerk down," Angelique Ervin said.

However others said the opposite issue was a big problem.

"Driving 30 kilometres per hour under the speed limit," David Sendt said.

"Keeping left unless overtaking. Aka doing 20km under the speed limit in the right hand lane," Lee Knight said.

Natalie Van Der Klei, Lauren Wilkie, Nathan Rose, Sonya Kreiskott all said the lack of using indicators was their pet hate.

Another issues raised were the use of mobile phones while driving, merging in a proper fashion, not stopping at stop signs, stopping at give way signs, tailgating, and drink driving.

For an overview Kellie Schofield added this comment: "This is not a road rule but a bit of common courtesy would be nice."

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