What is that? Mysterious 'thing' washes up on Ballina beach

Tegan Jas posted this photo on the Ballina Information Exchange Facebook page.
Tegan Jas posted this photo on the Ballina Information Exchange Facebook page.

"FOUND this washed up on Angels Beach ... any idea what it is?”

Tegan Jas posted this question, and this image, on the Ballina Information Exchange Facebook page, and it certainly got people talking.

Amanda Floyd wrote: "Looks like a chunk of meat ... maybe off a dead whale or something. It's gross!”

Quite a few people thought the mysterious beach item could be bait from the shark drumlines.

But Rachel Abbott Burgess suggested it was a piece of a whale carcass.

"They are washing up on beaches up and down the east coast,” she wrote.

Kerene Bienke guessed it was a ray, and Scott Cowles' guess was a "piece of a dead whale that's been chewed by a shark”.

"Definitely has shark teeth marks all around it, definitely looks like whale blubber,” Mr Cowles posted.

Vaylira Pash wrote: "In all honesty, it looks very mammalian and fatty so I can accurately narrow it down to some sort of whale (dolphin, humpback, orca etc) that died naturally, was killed when sick or was somehow killed whilst healthy by a shark.”

Less seriously, Jarrod James Lanci posted: "It's clearly spam out the can, man.”

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