THE BEASTS: Kim Salmon (guitar), Tex Perkins (vocal), Tony Pola (drums), Boris Sujdovic (bass) and Charlie Owen (guitar).
THE BEASTS: Kim Salmon (guitar), Tex Perkins (vocal), Tony Pola (drums), Boris Sujdovic (bass) and Charlie Owen (guitar).

What do real rockers do when they face their mortality?

Still Here is the new album by The Beasts, and On My Back is their first single.

Formerly known as The Beasts of Bourbon, almost all former band members met at a recording studio in Melbourne last year to put some songs together.

Beasts of Bourbon are an Australian alternative rock, blues rock band formed in August 1983, with James Baker on drums (ex-Hoodoo Gurus), Spencer P. Jones on guitar (The Johnnys), Tex Perkins on vocals (Dum Dums), Kim Salmon on guitar and Boris Sujdovic on bass guitar (both ex-The Scientists).

Except for mainstays Jones and Perkins, the line-up has changed as the group splintered and reformed several times.

Bassist Brian Hooper didn't make it to the latest recording as he passed away a week after the Beasts of Bourbon's last show.

Musicians Charlie Owen, Boris Sujdovic, Tony Pola, Spencer Jones, Kim Salmon and Tex Perkins were left to face the recording equipment.

Jones passed away not long after the recording was completed.

Don't expect this album to be a bunch of really sad songs; this is Aussie rock at its best, although it encapsulates a very emotional time for everyone involved.

So the band is now called The Beasts.

Speaking from a Seven Eleven car park in Melbourne, Byron Shire resident Tex Perkins said the show will involved the five people involved on the record that are still alive.

"We haven't yet really played these songs since the time we recorded them in the studio, I'm sure we can recreate the songs and we'll be playing a lot from that album, but there will also be some significant tracks from the history of the Beasts of Bourbon," he said.

Perkins said the album refers to the beasts of Bourbon but the band that is left "is not the Beasts of Bourbon anymore."

"Having a (type of) alcohol in our name was the beginning of our trouble," he said.

"We had a reputation, even through the name, of excess and indulgence, I kind of would not mind that to end.

"I'm a little tired of dragging the legacy and the mythology of The Beast of Bourbons.

"Maybe when we come back we will have a different name, just to give it a clean slate.

"I want to play this music but I want to play it without the destructive element," he said.

Perkins said the main reason for this album was because the band members wanted to record with Spencer Jones one last time.

"His time was running short but we only got him on one song, he was pretty ill," he said.

"We have got ten other songs that we wrote at the time or we chose because it's a concept album: it's a tribute to those guys but it's also a good hard look at ourselves as we face with the consequence of the lifestyles that we chose," he said.

Tex Perkins explained the album may have been born out of tragedy but it does not feel like a dramatic music project.

"The tone of it is defiant in the facet of tragedy, it's like saying 'f*** you tragedy'," he said..

"It's a varied album, pretty much everybody is represented as a songwriter, even Spencer has one in it."

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