Members of Ballina Coastcare.
Members of Ballina Coastcare. Contributed

Wetland celebrations at Bushland Reserve

COME and discover the hidden secrets of the Chickiba Wetland at a special celebration event at Allawah Bushland Reserve this weekend.

Ballina Coastcare invites neighbours, visitors and the community to join them as they celebrate the completion of their successful two year bushland restoration project in the Chickiba Wetland.

Through an Environmental Trust Rehabilitation and Restoration grant, Ballina Coastcare has been working alongside a skilled and experienced contractor to see the near complete removal (99%) of dense mixed stands of three weeds of national significance.

They are:

  • ground asparagus (A. aethiopicus),
  • madeira vine (Anredera cordifolia) and climbing cactus (Opuntia sp.)
  • as well as other environmental weeds infesting this beautiful old-growth stand of an endangered ecological community (coastal cypress pine, Callitris columellaris, on the far north coast).

Their removal completes the last stage of connectivity of a continuous coast cypress, wetland and littoral rainforest fauna-flora corridor through the eastern section of the Allawah Bushland Reserve and the surrounding Chickiba Wetlands.

This is a site of great Heritage Significance for the Bundjalung people of Ballina.

The afternoon event will allow attendees to meet professional bush regenerators for a 'walk and talk' through Allawah Bushland Reserve.

"We will share stories to help people learn about the ecological significance of this beautiful old growth remnant Cyprus forest, much of which has been cleared for development elsewhere” Ballina Coastcare President, Neil Denison said.

"People can see the restoration in progress, learn about Weeds of National Significance and their control, and hear first-hand the impact of rubbish and garden waste dumping.”

The event will also honour the importance of the area's cultural heritage and acknowledge the traditional Bundjalung Elders kinship with the land.

Light refreshments will be provided. Please wear sturdy shoes, long pants and sleeves.

The event will be held at Allawah Bushland reserve between 2-4pm on Saturday, August 12. Meet opposite 140 Links Ave East Ballina NSW 2478.

This project has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.

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