Weir's future in deep water

BANGALOW residents and organisations have pitched their cases to determine the fate of the 88-year-old Bangalow weir.

At a meeting on Tuesday in Bangalow, a set of resolutions was passed, but the aging weir's future still remained largely undetermined.

Bangalow Land and Rivercare Group president David Pont said the community "wants no removal or demolition of the weir while an assessment is being carried out".

Other resolutions included: "All feasible engineering options be considered that could possibly repair the weir and council engineering staff should be available to present their case to the community." Mr Pont said it was unlikely the weir would be restored.

Byron Shire councillor Tony Heeson attended the meeting and said some council members wanted to demolish the weir. Council builders told the crowd of 80 people it would cost $1.5 million to fix the weir.

An engineer in the crowd disputed the figure, claiming he could do it for $40,000.

The council will present its case to the community by March.

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