Australia’s Dami Im made her country proud.
Australia’s Dami Im made her country proud. Martin Meissner

OPINION: Weird and wacky take centre stage

OH, EUROVISION. You never fail to disappoint.

(Except when Dami Im came second. Never mind that Ukraine's performance made me cry, she was still robbed, I tell you).

The world's most eclectic song contest was held in Stockholm this year and although there were some cheesy lyrics and downright odd dance moves, it is the costumes that always leave me speechless.

While I wasn't quite sure what to think of the opening act's costumes, Germany's Jamie-Lee and Italy's Francesca Michielin's outfits won the prize of weirdest of the weekend.

It seemed Jamie-Lee's costume department took inspiration from a toy shop and a ghost story.

But Italy's entry proved that you can really draw inspiration from anything - Francesca donned a beige set of overalls complete with plant-like embellishments.

It was her prop though that left me wondering - she spent the performance with an onion in her hand.

Maybe Tony Abbott's obsession with the vegetable wasn't really that weird.

But my personal favourite of the competition had to be Michal Szpak of Poland.

He was literally a Disney character - he showed up looking like Captain Hook.

Never change, Eurovision.

GALLERY: Burnt out fire truck

premium_icon GALLERY: Burnt out fire truck

The RFS truck will probably be written off.

"Someone could have been injured or killed"

premium_icon "Someone could have been injured or killed"

An RFS crew sheltered in their truck as the grass fire overcame them

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