Weeding out the problems

IF you are not exactly sure what's growing on your property you'll have the chance to find out next week.

Just take samples to the Weedbuster display in Lismore Shopping Square and have it identified.

During Weedbuster Week from Monday, staff from Richmond Landcare Services, Far North Coast Weeds, and Lismore City Council will be available to help.

“Weeds are one of the major threats to farmland and natural ecosystems,” Vanessa Tallon, catchment management officer at Lismore City Council, said.

“But because growing conditions here on the North Coast are so good, the problem is even worse.

“Here in Lismore you can easily spot more than 40 species of weedy vines, ground covers, shrubs and trees.

“Many of the weeds run rampant, so we want to raise awareness among residents about which species to especially look out for and encourage landowners to replace weeds with native plants.”

Visitors to the Lismore Weedbuster display can take home information about noxious and environmental weeds, and receive a free native plant to grow instead.

There are 2500 known weed species in Australia, many of which were introduced as stock feed.

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