Website makes it easier to travel with a disability

A WEBSITE developed in Australia that provides information about accessible tourism for people with a disability has been applauded by NSW Greens spokesperson for Disability and Tourism, Jan Barham.

Getaboutable lists accommodation, transport and entertainment options that are accessible for people with mobility impairments, vision impairments or hearing loss.

"This is a fantastic example of a tool that promotes accessible tourism and I encourage businesses that are accessible to list their information on the site so that it can grow," Ms Barham said.

"If tourism destinations aren't accessible or haven't looked at this sector, then now is the time to act.

"This is particularly important for regional areas, where accessibility can give them that all important point of difference."

Ms Barham said that the tourism industry must recognise that accessible tourism is not only good for the community; it's also good for business.

"Almost one if five people in Australia have a disability," she said.

"The National Disability Insurance Scheme will see a lot more people with disability securing their independence and the ability to travel.

"The tourism industry must get on board with accessible tourism or risk losing a substantial customer base.

"Getaboutable gives businesses an excellent opportunity to reach out to people with a disability both in Australia and internationally, while providing much needed information about accessibility.

"I look forward to its success and congratulate the instigator, Yasmine Gray from Canberra for this innovation."

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